All Saints is a community that welcomes and includes everyone in all that we do. 

We are a congregation that reflects and embraces people from every family, language, race and nation.  We honor the dignity of each person, respect the plurality of experience and opinion in the community, and intentionally learn and grow from our differences.

Sometimes we are just enjoying being a church family together. Sometimes we are united by a project that puts us to work toward important goals. Sometimes we are sharing and learning about each other and our unique experiences. Whatever brings us together, we know we are energized and enriched by forming meaningful relationships within the church.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee gets to the heart of the matter–All Saints enjoys sharing good food together!

Members of the committee organize events such as coffee hour after services, receptions to follow Evensong and other events, and pot luck lunches and barbecues. They assemble teams of workers, call for donations of refreshments, manage serving the food, and welcome everyone to the table.

African Diaspora Guild                                           

This All Saints organization was established to increase awareness of African cultures and to provide another opportunity to enjoy fellowship in a diverse church family. Everyone is welcome to participate. 

Members have led sessions at Sunday morning Forums, sharing their own life stories and cultural roots. 

African and African-American music has been part of our services,  Crocodile River Music

Ethnic foods make a welcome appearance at shared meals, and we learn more about African languages and history.

Worcester area activism and presence                   

The All Saints community–adults, youth, and clergy—have used their presence, their voices and their energies to support many projects that can create a more united community. Volunteers and pledgers have raised money for hunger organizations through the Crop Walk and the Walk for the Hungry. They have staffed tables at Worcester Pride celebrations and have bought and filled a table at the annual Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration.

 In all weather All Saints members have joined with neighbors at demonstrations at City Hall and in other parts of the city to support refugees and immigrants, to speak out against violence, and to lend visible support to other important issues.   

The church also has been an active participant in Worcester Interfaith activities.

Communicating across the parish

Being a community means we want to keep everyone up to date on the life of the parish. We are constantly testing the best ways to communicate as needs and conditions change.

In the years between 2016 and 2019 All Saints volunteers produced a quarterly, full color All Saints Parish Magazine that reported on recent and upcoming events. The publication was highly praised, but production ceased because it was very expensive and labor intensive.

All Saints has redirected resources toward other methods of communication that can reach everyone. To serve the parish during the pandemic, All Saints established a weekly Thursday email update that includes information about services, a weekly meditation by our clergy or guest writers, and news about ways to continue to be involved. Print newsletters go out periodically to those who do not use email. Colorful banners have been posted outside the church at our urban street corner to invite people to worship services or special events. Drivers stopped at the street lights or passers-by received a welcome message at a glance.


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