Financial Resources

The Financial resources of the church receive oversight and direction from the Vestry, the Finance Committee, the Investment Committee, and the Parish Treasurer. The Bookkeeper and other sources may supply information for their review.

Finance Committee

The Parish Treasurer and the Finance Committee are responsible for proposing annual budgets to the Vestry with input from some of our ministries.  They meet monthly to discuss the various funds of the church, giving recommendations to the Rector and Vestry when necessary.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Vestry on investment strategy. The Committee acts as guardian over the endowment, advising the Vestry on the draw policy and reminding leaders about the importance of a growing endowment to meet future budget needs.

The All Saints Church Vestry, with the Finance and Investment Committees, lead the commitment to fiscal prudence, budget stability and overall sustainability. The yearly budget is funded through stewardship and an annual draw from the endowment. Parishioner pledges and income together account for approximately 2/3 of the budget, while the annual draw accounts for approximately 1/3. Rents also contribute to the annual budget. As an endowed church, protecting the sanctity of the endowment takes on a critical significance.  These funds need to grow to provide increasing income for future budgets. Despite that fiscal commitment by the Vestry, recent budget deficits have averaged 6% of total annual spending. In the past two years, however, no extraordinary draws have been taken from the endowment to cover those deficits. 

The parish endowment is a consistent source of financial strength for All Saints.  Year over year gains accrued because of the generosity of donors and a consistent and prudent investment plan. Most endowment funds provide income for general operating purposes, while a few funds have specific designations.  The overall operating funds endowment was benefited significantly in 1997 from the proceeds of the sale of a valuable painting discovered in the church attic. 

Annual Giving

From 2018 to the first half of 2021 the average total from pledges was $236,000.  The average plate offerings received for the same period was about $9,700.  In 2020 and 2021, these values were affected by the pandemic. Due to the lack of in-person attendance, plate offerings were more markedly affected.

Each year, the Stewardship Committee begins a major campaign to inspire continued and new pledging. These efforts are spurred by messages from parish members, delivered in church, via videorecording, or through letters. 

Recently we have had a number of fundraising campaigns for specific purposes such as the Accessibility Project to fund the new lift and ramp on the first floor, or the Drop in the Bucket campaign to finance a roof-top rainwater collection system at a school in Uganda. Both of these projects were fully funded by the deep generosity of the All Saints community. The general fund gains additional money through other fundraising drives like seasonal bake sales and auctions. 

Other fundraising activities add extra resources to support the music program at All Saints.  The Music Series has attracted funds through a subscription strategy, and other fund-raising is dedicated to goals such as Music and the Arts programs, or choir camp and tours.

Physical Resources               

Our buildings                         

All Saints Church owns two buildings, the church and the rectory.  The church complex, located at the corner of Pleasant and Irving Streets, is the center of parish worship, administration, and programs. The rectory, at 14 Whitman Road, is the residence of the rector and her/his family.

All Saints Church                  

All Saints Church has occupied the same downtown corner for about 145 years.  In 1932, the first of our church buildings to occupy this site and parts of the adjacent complex, were destroyed by a fire that left standing only some exterior walls and the tower, but spared the Parish house. All Saints started rebuilding right away and the first service here was held on Easter 1934.  

The worship space has a traditional plan and some of the surrounding spaces also are of interest. The Sanctuary is flanked by a Robing Room and a Chapel, with Columbarium.  A smaller chapel, the St. Pierre Chapel, is located to the right of the nave. Seating is cathedral style, which allows for great flexibility in the use of the overall nave and narthex. Stained glass windows beautify and illuminate the space with a variety of images taken from sources such as the life of Christ, the Old Testament, and English saints.

The plan of the first floor of the entire church complex gives an idea of the variety of spaces available for parish activities.  

Huntington Hall is a large meeting space with a stage, which is used for coffee hour after services, receptions, the Annual Meeting, social events, performances, and children’s programs.  The church’s administrative offices, a newly restored Library, and Guild Room (with galley kitchen) can host smaller meetings. These spaces surround an open-air courtyard with a fountain. The courtyard is used for everything from Ash Wednesday and the opening of Easter Vigil, to the blessing of the animals and educational and social events.

The choir room supports education, rehearsal, and preparation for the choir. It was completely renovated in 2016, funded by a bequest from a beloved choir member.

The second floor includes more classrooms and Vinton Hall, a large space for activities. The lower level also includes classrooms, a gym, and other spaces we have adapted to the needs of tenants.

Improvements and adaptations

A historic building like ours is a great resource and an inspiring home, but also imposes physical limitations and financial demands. We continually work to update and adapt spaces so that our programs can welcome everyone.

A focus on accessibility

All Saints’ large worship space requires high quality sound amplification to make the experience valuable to congregants. Recently a major upgrade to the audio system was completed that amplifies and clarifies the spoken word from participants anywhere within the church.

A new lift and ramp were installed in 2020 that make the entire ground level of the church free from physical barriers. This $50,000 project was completed during the pandemic, powered by generous donations of time, skill, and money contributed by members of the All Saints community. This project long has been a high priority and it has been accomplished in time to welcome everyone back to in-person worship!                      

A new project will renovate the kitchen on the second level for use as a “Community Kitchen” for teaching life skills to youth, building community, and hosting celebrations. Grant funding has launched this endeavor that will include multiple phases.  Enhanced accessibility to the second floor is part of related future plans.

Specialized spaces for our tenants

All Saints also rents part of its space to organizations that have missions that align with All Saints’ priorities, and we modify the building for those uses. Current examples include the Pakachoag Music School that offers an urban center for music instruction. They utilize specialized spaces on the second and third floors. (See also “Music at All Saints”) The ACE program (African Community Education) uses much of the lower level and some ground floor spaces to provide educational and enrichment programs to students from African immigrant families (See also “Mission and Outreach”).

All Saints Rectory

The All Saints Rectory is located approximately 1.5 miles from the church in a quiet residential neighborhood close to public schools, shopping, museums, parks and recreation.  

The rectory was built in the early 20th century and sits on about a quarter acre of land with a fenced-in back yard and a detached garage.  The house has more than 3,300 square feet of living space. The first floor includes a large kitchen (renovated in 2015), a formal dining room, a living room with a fireplace, a sunroom, and a half bath. There are four bedrooms and two baths on the second floor and additional space on the third level. 


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